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Our architecture is a direct response to the aims and ambitions of our clients and users in the context of a sustainable future. Sensitive to context, our designs can also be a catalyst for change, helping our clients to achieve their organisational goals and adding significant value to their operations.

Each MCA project is the result of a meticulous, in-depth design process, regardless of its context, size or scope. We approach every job as a unique challenge and an exciting opportunity to develop the most dynamic and efficient buildings. The process starts with listening to our clients, understanding their needs and aspirations and then producing design-led solutions which are uniquely tailored to their context and the needs of the building occupants and users.

We translate our designs into reality by drawing on an exceptional network of knowledge and experience that embraces every aspect of a design, construction and performance of a building. For us, design is a pragmatic process rather than a purely conceptual exercise. Our architecture is grounded in the practicalities of building use and construction, and our design approach is driven by the desire to deliver buildings which are as functionally efficient as they are visually compelling.

The art of drawing is central to the successful communication of proposals and the practice places great importance on the quality of the drawings it produces. These range from initial freehand sketches which convey the essence of an idea to comprehensive CAD drawings, specifications and reports to secure planning approval or facilitate construction.

Our in-house visualisation team produces traditional line-drawn perspective views and rendered visualisations.