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This Dublin fit-out is the global fitness brand’s first venture into the construction of an EMEA headquarters. MCA took reference from some of the company’s graphics such as the teal LCD text and the texture of the wearable wristbands to come up with a new bright, airy and exciting space, that has a comfortable work environment feel. References to activity and number of steps taken are incorporated into the fit-out by design of a “running track” floor to the perimeter of the desk spaces, with overhead distance “fins” advising the staff how many steps they are travelling. The incorporation of a live “greenwall” into a breakout space brings the outdoors into the work environment. The use of linear references at ceiling level and in the finishes resembles a “hurdles” effect.

Two “boxes” containing meeting rooms and communications rooms are clad in profiled MDF panels with a spray painted finish, reflective of the wristband patterns, and diagonal “acceleration” graphics. Neon acrylic fins are incorporated at the ceiling levels over the Welcome Area, the Treadmill Meeting Room and the Games area, and the limited use of bright and energetic colours results in a synergy between work and active lifestyle being delivered to this new workspace.

Date Commenced- June 2016
Completion- August 2016
Value: Undisclosed
Location: Baggot Street, Dublin 2.
Area: 1500 sq. m
Client: Confidential.
Main Contractor: Structuretone.

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