The Exo Effect 05 March 2020

February was a particularly exciting chapter in the development of one of Dublin’s most striking landmark buildings. Designed by Shay Cleary Architects, the active alignment of the Exo Building’s defining steelwork structure is now complete, as well as ‘topping out’ of the building, marking a key milestone in its construction.

Exo, so called for its unique exoskeletal structure is the first of its kind in Ireland. Its iconic trellised composition of marine blue steelwork outside the fully glazed façade is designed to support the southern and northern cantilevers to create the dramatic effect of the building supported over three elliptical concrete cores in the main plaza below.

As Executive Architects, MCA have been overseeing the construction of this exceptional building and we look forward to the next stage - the façade installation – with full completion by the end of this year.

For more information on this extraordinary building go to our projects section.

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