Travelodge Opening 02 June 2023

Exciting moments captured ! MCA is thrilled to share some images from the big launch of the Travelodge Hotel. We are very proud to have been engaged by our client, Tetrarch Capital, and to have worked with an incredibly talented team to bring this project to life. We hope that Travelodge will become an instant favourite among visitors. Congratulations to everyone involved in this remarkable achievement!

Client: Tetrarch Capital
Architect: MCA Architects
M&E Engineering: Axiseng
C&S Engineer: Barrett Mahony Consulting Engineers
Cost Consultant: Mitchell McDermott
Fire & DAC Consultant: Knapton Consulting Engineers
PSDP: Ashview Consultants
Acoustic Consultant: AWN Consulting Ltd.
Planning Consultant: Tom Phillips + Associates
Façade Consultant: Billings Design Associates Ltd.
Assigned Certifier: ORS
Main Contractor: John Paul Construction