Lidl Headquarters

Client: Lidl Ireland GmbH
Services: Shell & core design, fit out
Sustainability: Excellent BREEAM

Winner: Irish Building & Design Awards 2017

Tallaght, Dublin 24

Architectural Project of the Year

This is a 4 storey over-basement office building with a BREEAM excellent and A2 BER rating. In recognition of their Generation Y workforce Lidl chose to  embrace interactivity and 'remove the walls' within their headquarters. Through our shared stakeholder engagement process Lidl transitioned from the traditional cellular office to a hot desk and mobile environment.

This MCA designed building embraces the notions of collisions and engagement. With a 'top and tail' approach to the social spaces, movement through the building is forced and guaranteed between the atrium, crossover zones, ground floor work café and Level 3 terrace café.

"Bright, spacious and communal" - Building Ireland Magazine, July 2017

This leading-edge building is wrapped in a dynamic twin-skin glazed façade to provide the best in user comfort and green energy performance. The stoic form of this flush glazed and anthracite aluminium clad façade stands unashamedly, controlled and rooted in its site. It possesses a lightness through the glazing and a delicate fluting to the deep reveals.

Like the façade the colour in the building is controlled and consistent, yet youthful. A palette of white, grey and vibrant yellow responds to Lidl's vibrant identity in the contemporary Irish market.

Main photo 1Lidl square2Lidl square4Lidl HQ Tallaght 13Lidl square3Lidl square1Lidl square6Lidl square5

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