Accenture - The Dock

Client: Accenture
Services: Fit out
Value: €13.9M
Start date: 2015
Finish date: 2016
Size: 74,800ft2 / 6,950m2
Professional Team:

Rogerson Reddan & Associates
JV Tierney & Company
Barrett Mahony
FCC Fire Cert Ltd
AWN Consulting

A showcase for Accenture clients and a workplace of the future, this building is a global HQ for Accenture’s innovation and R&D activities.

7 Hanover Quay, Dublin 2

Accenture required a new and vibrant office environment with in-built flexibility to enhance agile working and foster a problem-solving culture. A key element includes a seamless layout that incorporates new technologies throughout..

The completed design features an open plan layout with feature hubs and meeting pods, desking and retractable pull-down power. The office creates a  vibrant, flexible and evolving work space for Accenture's most innovative teams.

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